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Traditional Sanskrit Play

Bhagvadajjukam is a comedy play written in the 12th century by the playwright Bodhayana. Written in Sanskrit and Prakrit, the play is categorised as a Prahasana or comedy, one of the 10 varieties of plays given in the Natyashastra. This play written 800 years ago follows a 2000 year old presentation format and is adapted to stage by the choreographers. Uniquely, the play has as much relevance today as it did then. What starts off as an ordinary day in the life of a naughty student and his learned teacher soon becomes an extraordinary one with a series of surreal encounters and experiences.

Adapted Script, Production Design and Direction - Keerthi Kumar
Multi media design and Choreography - Surya N Rao
Dialogues and Lyrics in Sanskrit - Dr. Sudha
Original Music - Praveen D Rao

“Interesting story! It was a lot of fun to learn
and speak in Sanskrit for the play!”
– Student, Samsidh Mount Litera Zee School

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