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Adapted script based on Rabindranath Tagore's Dance Drama

Chitrangada is a dance drama adapted to stage based on Rabindranath Tagore's Nrithya Natak - Chitrangada. Set in Manipur, the production features classical, martial, folk dance and music traditions from the region like Manipuri, Lai Haroba, Thang-ta along with a unique Indian contemporary movement aesthetic.
The narrative seeks to explore the paradox of life - between who we are and who we portray to be, do we live based on others expectations or be true to oneself. This timeless tale is relevant even today and applies much the same way to the world we live in now. Traditional dance drama presentation precepts are used to retell the story while weaving in current parallels which are social media filters and the idea of assumed identities through Artificial Intelligence tools. The past and present meet each other in this wrinkle in time.

Conceptualisation, Production Design and Direction - Keerthi Kumar
Adapted Script, Dialogues and Choreography - Roopa K
Music - Praveen D Rao
Original artwork - Rohit Bhasi
Multi Media Design - Bhushan Bagadia
AI generative art - Keerthi Kumar

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