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Fiction/Fantasy – Original script

KA is an originally conceived dance drama production which narrates the story of a ruler who falls prey to the 6 vices residing in him/her and unleashes suffering on everyone around as a consequence. The realization of the wrong-doings and the emergence out of this darkness to realize his/her full potential form the central premise of this magnum opus. The different emotional states such as love, humour, valour, disgust, pain, anger, wonder, fear and peace are experienced by the audiences who witness the tumultuous life of the ruler as it unfolds before their eyes.

Conceptualisation, Script and Production design - Keerthi Kumar
Choreography - Surya N Rao
Lyrics, Dialogues and Choreography - Roopa K
Music - Praveen D Rao

“The show was flawless.. the students
seemed like seasoned professionals.”
– Audience member, Mount Litera Zee School

Project Gallery

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