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Originally scripted story developed to reflect the ideals of an educational institution

"Knowledge is unparalleled" - based on this phrase from the Bhagavadgita, this production explores the multi prolonged approach to gaining knowledge, the importance of strong value systems and the various means of imparting knowledge effectively, in a fun and engaging manner. A blend of fantastical elements and current educational scenario with multimedia makes this original production an emotional and riveting watch. This production is presented through different forms of classical, folk, ritualistic, contemporary and creative dance along with street play, mime and choir.

Conceptualization, Production Design and Direction - Keerthi Kumar
Multimedia Design and Choreography - Surya N Rao
Script Development, Lyrics and Choreography - Roopa K
Original Music - Praveen D Rao

"I was left teary-eyed watching this production. Such a beautiful idea and brought forth in an innovative manner for us all to experience it and go on a journey with the children." Parent, Samsidh Mount Litera Zee School

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