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Indian Mythology

"Sree Shakti" - the story of the creation of feminine energy 'Shakti' by the gods to destroy the demon Mahisha who torments the world. This thematic dance production is scripted based on Devi Mahatmyam from the Markandeya Purana.

The choreographic design traces the grandeur of Indra's court and the turbulence caused due to the penance of demon Mahishasura. The Gods try to distract the demon with the 5 elements but Mahisha ends up winning the boon from Brahma making him invincible.

He disrupts the peace prevailing in the world by troubling flora fauna and the humans and further goes on to capture the heavens. The Gods approach the Trinity who come together to create the Maha Shakti. A fierce battle ensues between her and the demon resulting in his end. The entire world comes together to praise, pray and celebrate this feminine power which protects and nurtures the world.

Motifs of Bharatanatyam, Kathak, yakshagana and creative movements are used in this production, making it vibrant colorful and engaging.

Conceptualisation, Production design and Choreography - Keerthi Kumar
Music - Praveen D Rao

“I would say today mythology has come
alive on stage.. the music, choreography, dance,
sets was beyond expression..”
– Parent of a participating child, Surana Vidyalaya

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